Hi, my name is Slav Kurochkin, I tend to call myself Free Solo Engineer (one day I will explain what I mean by that). A little while ago I already had a blog, but I got burnout and lost interest, so I gave up on it and later on someone bought my domain NinjaWebZen.com , that’s how I retired as software blogger.

In 2020 I decided to re-start my blogging effort, there are still many things to learn and talk about, I decided that together with technology blogs I will share my personal thoughts not related to work or education, but physical and mental health (that’s something concerning me lately, so why not to talk about it)

One thing that was bothering me in the past blogging experience is that I put a lot of time effort and some money to run the blog and there was no return. Of cause there were pluses, I was giving back to the community, another plus was that I would have to learn something new in order to blog post about it, also I had a title in my resume as Software Blogger. So this time I decided to be honest with myself and people who will read the blog at some point I might try to monetize this blog (it will be either adds or paid content), don’t worry I will not do any hard sales. But anyway first I have to provide some value and engage with the readers, so enjoy everything free for now (said it like I have a lot to offer)

You can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter , I also organize South Florida Test Automation Meetup