Imagine at high school you would ask your brother to install games on PC and by the time you were 30 years old, you will write all sorts of test automation frameworks and find so many bugs you can’t even count. But I don’t want go ahead of myself.

I’m Slav Kurochkin, Software Test Engineer, in 2011 I only knew how to click buttons on the web pages, they called me QA Engineer. And if you knew HTML, CSS, and some PHP they would call you Software Developer. When I started one found bug a day was the cause of celebration. In 2013 I started to write my first meaningful automation with Selenium WebDriver and it would catch dozens of bugs a day. The only difference was you get all kinds of Software Engineers: front-end, backend, mobile, full-stack, app security, and performance engineers.

I was witnessing the formation of different web frameworks, cloud computing, and dozens of databases, which causing thousands of bugs deployed to production. And that test engineers couldn’t take anymore. We started to test frontend, backend, databases, security, and performance regressions. If there is only one thing I learned in Software Development is that the testing is more complicated than you think.

But we had no idea what we in for…

You can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter , I also organize South Florida Test Automation Meetup